Meet the Fiterator™ Teams

UpRamp’s Fiterator launched earlier in 2016 to offer startups an accelerator that offers actual deals, not just demo days. There are many programs out there that bring advice and introductions to the table…and sometimes even investment capital. But not always. Fiterator is different – it is more of a graduate program for later stage startups who already have a product, and are now looking for that elusive product/market fit in the global cable/broadband industry. Learn more about the first cohort.

Meet the Teams


We amplify startup success by guiding them to the world’s largest and most powerful network.

Because it is our passionate belief that people, communities and companies thrive when networks connect.

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Do you have product/market fit?


Unlike anything else in the world, The UpRamp Fiterator is grad school for startups.  A 3 month program that gets you Product/Market Fit in the global cable industry, funding to keep the project rolling, and real paying customers.

Do you have fit?

Innovation Showcase

The innovation Showcase at CableLabs is the only place where you can pitch your startup to 500+ technology leaders from the global cable & broadband industry all at once.

A Closer Look

Technology Tours

Targeted, timely and thematic.  Technology Tours are designed to bring 4 startups to a smaller set of CableLabs member companies with the goal of introducing new technology to potential new customers.

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Innovation Showcase

Twice per year, CableLabs selects 8 companies to demo their latest innovation in front of 500+ senior technology leaders at the CableLabs Conferences. Entirely free for the presenting companies, this is an unmatched opportunity to launch your product to the entire cable industry in one 8 minute pitch.



A next generation startup accelerator that is focused on helping you find product/market fit inside the global cable industry.  This 3 month, non-resident, program combines C-level mentorship from the industry with over $120k in available financing. Unlike traditional startup accelerators, the outcome of your time in the Fiterator is actual deals & references from Fortune 1000 customers.

CableLabs Technology Tours

Technology Tours

Tell your startup story to actual, potential customers. Over the year, CableLabs selects 4 companies per event around a theme and/or location and presents a targeted pitch event for the 55 CableLabs members. The goal of these Technology Tours is to introduce new ideas & technology — connecting startups to future customers.

Connect to biggest network in the world.

UpRamp, sponsored by CableLabs, connects emerging technology companies to the biggest global network of internet connectivity, media entertainment and consortium of cable operators.



Global cable operators linked together by CableLabs


Market cap of the top 55 cable operators


A market that is growing by 5% YoY


Households get their internet service from the cable industry


of the US is within 300 feet of a cable modem. Right. Now.


Spent in company acquisitions by the industry since 2012


in industry venture portfolio value


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